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How many are left?


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My '39 Model 90 is one of about 650-680 (different sites have different numbers) made that year. I wonder: is there is a way to find out how many still exist? I realize that it would only be a guess but it would be nice to know. I don't see many of these on the market either now or when I was looking to buy. Does anyone have a source for this kind of information?

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Keep in mind that many of these survived WW II and in all conditions are still around in numbers probably around 30 cars. That's a guesstimate of course but not everyone that owns one is a BCA member - many are not - and museums have some. A lot of private collectors are quiet collectors and it isn't until there are estate sales that these cars 'pop' up.

Generally speaking these cars would have become obsolete by the automatic trans/ power accessories age and would have gone to the salvage yards by the mid 50's.

Regrettably few were probably saved over the years.

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I know of 1939 series 90's in Australia, South Africa, India, N Ireland & Scotland (all right hand drive)

Another thread on large series Buicks: http://forums.aaca.org/f165/38-39-series-90-production-numbers-277673.html

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