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Several 1963 Imperials for sale

Guest BJM

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This is not me but I have been in contact with a very nice old car lady in Indiana who's husband collected a lot of cars over the years and now is in poor health requiring relocation to (I think) Florida and the entire collections needs to go.

I inquired starting last fall and have remained in contact with her. Her name is Cheryl Carter Jones and her husband is Jerry. She has a long for sale post on the Imperial Club On-Line website.

Among the offerings are 2 1963 Imperial 2 door hardtops, 2 Lebarons, several crown sedans, one convertible, and other cars.

They are up against a deadline of mid April to have the cars moved. It appears she is receiving few offers. Prices are not out of line BUT few people are taking on restorations at this time.

I have a "feeling" that some of these cars - all dusty and some reduced into the dirt floors of their location - may clean up very nicely and run and drive, making them decent, realistic projects.

Her prices are from $1,000 to $3700 but believe they will sell them to serious folks for less.

I am particularly interested in a copper 63 Imperial Crown 2 door hardtop. It is copper with a rare white vinyl top and black leather seats with factory copper piping and copper door panels. loaded for offered $1950.00

They only made about 1070 63 Imperial Crown 2 door hardtops and 1550 or so Lebarons. These were virtually hand built cars with hand rubbed paint and when is the last time you saw factory original seating with such detail as to have seperate piping color matching the body.

I won't post her information here (prefer you access the Imperial On-Line website Buy / Sell) and I suspect the response will be light since as mentioned few of us have the money, patience and time to restore a car that doesn't have a huge upside.

These cars are icons of their time and I think will reward the buyer with a great old car ownership experience. I will "try" to buy one in March if Cheryl and I can agree on price. But wanted to see if we can save some of these Imperials and help a deserving couple out.

I personally do not love or have a love affair with the 63 Imperial with the quirky free standing headlights but without them , the bodies and interiors are well executed and I would look at the ownership as an overall interest. i think the copper / black and white car would be awesome.

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