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Can anyone recommend a reliable shop that can rebuild a brake master cylinder on a '55 Buick with power brakes? Is a rebuilding kit available?

This master cylinder is of a different design than the manual brake cars. I believe that '53 and '54 are identical to the '55.

A few years ago, a well-known restoration shop in the Eastern U.S. that works on all types of antique cars rebuilt and sleeved the brake master cylinder on my '55 Roadmaster. Their work has never lasted more than one year without losing pressure or leaking brake fluid externally. When I called them recently, their "Lifetime Warranty" is not being honored. The owner of the company first told me that I'm not driving my car enough-they said that antique cars must be driven every week to keep the brake system from leaking. I explained that I've been pumping the brake pedal a few times each month on all my cars, including my '55, while in storage for the winter-I've always done this. They next told me to just go to NAPA and buy a rebuilding kit and do it myself. So much for standing behind your work!

I don't think that I can name this shop on this forum--or can I?.

This restoration shop has lost ALL of my trust--it's time to find someone else that stands behind their work.

All I want is to have a dependable brake master cylinder to avoid a collision. Does anyone know of a shop that understands how to rebuild this style master cylinder?

Gary Klecka, BCA #1955

'55 Roadmaster 76R

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I.ve had good results with Apple hydraulic. I have them line the cylinder then I do the rebuild myself with a NAPA kit. Apple will do the complete rebuild if you wish but putting in a new kit (about $15) is stone boat simple................Bob

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Neither Bob's nor NAPA have components to rebuilt POWER brakes for a 55. Years ago I talked these folks into sending parts to rebuild:

POWER brakes rebuilt, 1953-1961, 48-hour turnaround. Ed Strain, 6555 44th St, Unit #2006, Pinellas Park, FL 33781, PH: 800-266-1623, 727-521-1597.

The 55 power brake uses a chromed rod to displace fluid and if it is not perfect you will have leaks. I also duplicated that rod in polished stainless steel.


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