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Need reccomdation on auto transporter

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Thinking of buying a fairly complete unrestored antique car. It will need transported from Seattle area to my home in NE Ohio. Can anyone reccommend a good transporter? Car is "rolling" but no brakes. Thanks, Tim

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I have used a company called Enclosed Vehicle Transport for the last 6-7 cars. Great service,, VERY fast response times, and a good price. Last car was called in on thursday of the week, and picked up that next tuesday. I generally dont have to wait more than a week for Kevin to get my car picked up.

Do a google search, you'll find them.


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just be aware most all large companies that deal mainly in auto transports or brokerages will charge you both a loading and unloading fee above and beyond the quote ship for an unoperative vehicle..beware..as majority of the cars are winched on and off..I see no need for this fee..just another way to gouge the customer...my transporters laughs at these practices and says they are the best thing for his company since sliced bread as he does not engage in this practice..I'd post his name but is largely southern runs..you can also post on the truckers consignment website for a private party to consign your vehicle..this is how I located the transporter I used...it allow you do do searches for truckers dealing in transport close to you..

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I provide custom transport from door to door

I load & unload by electric winch even if your car runs

I do not charge extra for it - I do it because that is the

safest way to load & unload :D


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