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headliner for '57 Buick Special Wagon


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Well, I have exhausted my sources locally for interior parts...nobody wants to even try to tackle making me a new headliner for the '57 Buick Estate Wagon (Special)

So, I am looking to the Buick community for help. I know where to get the 'chrome' strips for the roof...it is the panels that I need. My interior guy threw out the originals (lived and learned from that mistake!) and the ones he made are ill fitting at best.

So, help me make my Buick Estate wagon beautiful again.

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I spoke with Wayne yesterday and he is going to make me the boards and the strips. Very knowledgeable and I could spend days on the phone or in person one day.

Dan: he asked me to have you call him. He wanted to talk to you again. He lost your number.

Thank you all for your help. I just get to wait for them to show up one day.

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