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Large 1-1/2 in. Reatta OEM/GM pin on Ebay


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A past forum member has one of the Large GM Reatta pins for sale on Ebay. He states that the pin has hair line cracks in the sunburst, but all of the large pins had/have the tiny cracks - probably because of the large diameter of the sun burst cloisene (glass). The tiny cracks are usually hard to see at a distance (sometimes invisible when viewed at an angle) , and he states in the/his ebay ad, the pin is "very presentable" - this/the pin/s have the GM script on the back as well as two attaching pins with cleats - the pins are also very rare ..... I bought the only ones that I have ever seen available (in the mid twenties if I remember correctly) several years ago from a pin collector vendor, and resold all but 2 them at cost.

I have absolutely no interest in this pin - would like to see a forum member aquire it however - this is the second time the seller has attempted to sell the pin (it isn't described fully), and is a steel presently if the condition is as described.....

Ebay # 120535162995

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