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1933 Plymouth headlight lenses

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Guys: Maybe you've seen this before? I posted it in the general section, and was advised that there's a Plymouth section where it might get better response sooo.....I'm trying to discern the proper diameter of headlight lens through the rim on the Twilite #915283 lenses. 2 sources say 7 3/4", and one says 8 9/32" I'm suspecting that the 8 9/32 might be correct, because I have one that size and it has the CDPD mopar logo in the glass. I don't have a rim to try it though. My suspicion is that the 33 Ply lens, which is also supposed to fit early 30's G.M.C. trucks is the same as the #915383 early 30's Chev. lenses, just without the Chevrolet lettering in the glass. If anyone can verify, I'd be grateful. Thanks in advance for any exp[osure....Mike

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