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Willys was in dire straits in 1932 and International was looking to market a "Pickup". It worked out well, as International sold a ton of "Willys" Rebadged trucks - pickups and Panels in 1933 and maybe in 1932??? The "Green Diamond Six Engine Tooling" was sold to International; it was going to be used in the new proposed Model 99 but receivership intervened and the courts allowed only "x" number of cars to be built at a time. Once that order was filled, then they had to go back to court and do it all over again. Enough history, are there any of these 1933 or 1932 International Panels or Pickups around? What about 1931 - 32 Willys - I think Whippet was built up to 1930 - any around? Also, what about any Factory Literature? Thanks for any information, sorry about the long post!

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