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38 Dodge drive train for sale or trade

Dave 38

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This spring I will be taking the drive train out of my 38 Dodge coupe.Engine/trans/rearend.Also front and rear bumpers.Iam looking for a Chrysler product banjo wheel,37-38 tail lights and some small 38 Dodge parts.I will sale or trade.Iam in northern californa.


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I would be interested in the bell and transmission if you are going to break it up individually. I need to know about how much you are asking. Being you are way over there and I am way over here I would have to figure someway of shipping and be within my budget.

Thank you,


PS It is a floor shift?

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To jazzer3/Lets see what happens.I dont want ship anything.It's big and heavy, just a hassel.But maybe grayhound.and it is a floor shift.Keep in touch with me.

And to reg.Iam putting in to 230 cu.in.flaty with an ohv head.mopar A 833 4 speed trans to a 8 3/4 rearend.All mopar.Its our one lap around America car.And then we might ship it to OZ for one lap ther.

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