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Chicago Brushmasters Time is Near!!


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Final touches are being put on auction pieces headed for the Chicago Brushmasters Charity auction set for March 5-7 at the Donald E. Stephens Center located in Rosemont IL. This years event will once again be a 100% proceed auction slated for The Ronald Mc Donald House planning a new facility here in Chicago. The Ronald Mc Donald House aides families of sick children while they are being treated in the hospital. It gives the families a base to survive while dealing with the trying times of a sick child.

The Chicago Brushmasters have donated their talents along with the backing of local paint, body shops, and other talented donators in the area.

The event is going to be bigger than ever with the Rosemont location this year.

Make your plans and join the great times here in Chicagoland. Support the Brushmasters with this awesome cause.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :

:eek: Chicago Brushmaster legend Bill Jarvis "Jive" puts the finishing touches on a sail fish painted by local motorcycle artist Dave Albright of Nic"s Color Creations.

Dave is just one of a long list of donators again this year!




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What a great idea for such a great cause. :)

Two years ago this April 15th Bill was having hernia surgery, for the second time. As I waited in the surgery/PICU waiting area I met a family who's six year-old son had been critically hurt when he and a thirteen year-old friend collided on moto-cross bikes. The older boy was unhurt. The younger boy had been in a medically induced coma for a week to help him heal.

He had already had four surgeries, and they weren't sure they could save his left eye. The day I was there they had finally taken him out of the coma and wanted to wean him off of the respirator.

His mom, dad and one set of grandparents were taking turns staying at our local Ronald McDonald House, about twenty minutes from the hospital, and sitting in the waiting room to be able to see him when they were allowed to.

Without the Ronald McDonald House they would have had to pay a lot of money to stay in a nearby hotel. They talked to me about how grateful they were to be able to be near him for free. They lived in a rural area four hours away. He had been brought to the Trauma Center by a Healthnet helicopter.

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Thanks for the reply Susan. We hear story after story of just how valuable the Ronald McDonald house has been for families in need. The last thing a parent needs is to deal with the details of how this can work out when their mind is on the child. This is when the Ronald McDonald steps in. It's a spot with support and a clean room without a bill to pay. Awesome.

The Brushmasters have done so much fund raising our first home in Oak Lawn has a room dedicated to them. The new facility will as well.

Great job Brushmasters!!

Keep up the good work.

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For the vintage racing fans out there included in the events at the Brushmasters auction will be the hand lettering of this Superbird stock car.

They will take photographs of the original Sal Tovella Superbird and duplicate them to the tee. The vintage restoration they do on these cars is just one of the many things that go on during the show weekend.

If you've never seen a race car come to life before your eyes plan to be there.

Car built by Bill's Speed Shop.



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Friday, Saturday, Sunday at a convention center near you! Set up for the Chicago Brushmasters Charity event was moving right on time today as the crew prepare for another outstanding year. Trailer loads of items to be auctioned along with all the gear and supplies needed got unloaded and set up as the stage area was assembled by the carpenters local. A huge amount of effort and time goes into this event by all involved. This years event is shaping up larger than ever in the Rosemont venue. Over 600 cars are in place and polished ready for your viewing pleasure. The Ashley Force funny car is in place as well ready to be included in the Brushmaster auction.

This year once again with all proceeds going to the newest Ronald Mc Donald house here in Chicago.

All the Brushmasters ask is put up your hand, and open your heart, and wallet to support the families of a sick child. No donation will go un-appreciated.

Don't miss the event that will stand out again this year here in the Chicago area.

So Friday, Saturday, Sunday, as our dear friend Jan Gabriel always said, be where the action is.






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Congratulations to the Chicago Brushmasters and their supporters again this year!!

After a non stop action packed World of Wheels event the dust has just barely settled and the results look outstanding for The Ronald McDonald House.

Artists from the pinstripe world converged to make the 2010 season one for the record books. With huge numbers of work being produced and auctioned the event got rolling with a Friday night event. While numbers came in a bit low from the start the artist held tough in their mission.

The level of respect and knowledge sharing to each other was once again evident. These people watch over each others shoulders and compare techniques driving for a more skilled bunch of veterans.

Saturday held several auctions with Pat and Joe at the helm leading the crowd into support. All attending the event stepped up to the plate and gave with an open heart. The Saturday evening auction included an award to life long artist Art Dexter sign painter and seasoned veteran.

Once bidding took off no one ever had time to look back. The huge item which raised the bar was the beautiful sail fish done by local painters

Dave Albright and Bill Jarvis. Dave with Nic's Color Creations laid down the awesome blue base work with Bill "Jive" adding the finish touches and stripes. The moons all lined up because when bidding ended at $4500.00 all were jumping in their shorts.

The fun, knowledge, and support that the Brushmasters share has become outstanding for the area.

With final figures still being totaled the proceeds are in excess of $54,000.00.

Thank you Brushmasters and thanks to the Ronald McDonald House.

All in the caring for the families struggling with one of the toughest things that can happen in your life, a seriously ill child.

Thank you

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It is that time of the year! Fast approaching is the Chicago Brushmasters 2011 charity auction event. The auction will once again be part of the World of Wheels show at Rosemont Convention Center on March 4,5, and 6. This years event is slated to be one of the biggest and best yet.

The artist are hard at work preparing the art work which will be the trophy of the highest bidder. As always 100% of the proceeds go directly to The Ronald McDonald House in Chicago.

The artist converged on Midwest Hot Rods shop of Plainfield IL. Midwest was kind enough to once again open their warm shop up to give the artist a location to work.

From young to seasoned veteran the talent was simply awesome.

All that is asked of those able to attend the auction is please give with an open heart. Support the family of a sick child in this trying time in their life.

Please plan to attend.







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The calm before the action, the 2011 Chicago Brushmasters auction site is set and ready to go. This years Tiki theme should be a blast. The coconut bras and grass skirts will be plentiful.

Please join us in support of The Ronald Mc Donald House being built in Chicago.

A home to support the families of one of the most tragic things that can happen, a sick kid.




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The paint cans are all closed, the art work is all dry in the new owners hands, and the dust from the whirlwind weekend has settled.

The 2011 Chicago Brushmasters charity auction event was once again a big success.

Artist Bill Jarvis, aka. Jive received a lifetime achievement award for his work.

Even in these trying times The Ronald Mc Donald House being built in Chicago will be receiving the entire proceeds from this years auction exceeding $40,000 plus.

The donations, artists, volunteers, and as always our supporters all worked together for a successful year.

Rest in Peace Marcella Behounek, your Son remained our rock as always.







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The support continues. The Chicago Brushmasters met on November 12 to do a specials project for the Ronald McDonald House. These frames that were striped will be installed in 66 rooms at the currently under construction RMDH.

The auction for 2012 is March 2-4. at the World of Wheels Show Rosemont, IL.

Please help us by supporting The Brushmasters in their efforts.







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January 14 was a work day at Image FX in Burr Ridge, Illinois. The talent from the Chicago Brushmasters gathered again to produce art work for the March auction. From the young to the seasoned the brushes were gliding producing one of a kind items all to benefit the soon to be opened Ronald McDonald House in final phases of construction here in Chicago. The endless dedication of this group only asks for you support in their efforts. Those who are local please plan to attend the Chicago Brushmasters auction occurring during this years World of Wheels car show at the Donald E. Stephens center in Rosemont, Illinois March 2,3,4. Those who cannot make the event can support The Ronald McDonald House in their mission by going to their website and making donations of needed items to furnish the guest home.

Please remember it's all about the sick kids who need all of us!







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Was on the phone the other day talking to my friend Joe and found out he is involved with Brushmasters he is one of the artists.

I am hoping to make it out to the Show to support him and the work of others for this wonderful auction/event they do.

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If it is Joe B. he is an outstanding artist and one of the key members. If you can make it to the show you will not be disappointed in any way. 112 artist are signed up to paint this year. You will not see this much talent working shoulder to shoulder at any other car venue. Most people talk about this show for the entire year to follow and can't wait to see what is new each year.

If you can make it be sure you ask for Mark S. at the registration desk of the Brushmaster complex. I would like to meet you and live in your area.

Look forward to you joining us. Well worth the trip!!

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Different Joe. He is Joe M. from Bolingbrook. I am not sure how long he has been involved but he said he really enjoys being part of it.

I am not sure what day he was planning on attending but I had mention to him that I would like to tag along with him. Will let you know what day and look forward to meeting you also.

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This is such a small world I think I know who you are. When I worked for my stepfather at Ray and Tom's (RAT's as we us to call it) they would buy their parts from Brookfield Auto.

Did you not work for Brookfield Auto at one time?

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I'll see you there. Here is the website listing more information and describing the rest of the show this weekend. It's a busy time of year-just finished the Detroit Autorama this past weekend and now we're in Chicago! For those who haven't attended a Championship event, these indoor custom car and hotrod shows are a lot of fun. Voodoo Larry has done a great job bringing traditional hotrods to Chicago and when I spoke with him at Detroit this weekend, he says Chicago is shaping up to be a great event. Looking forward to it!

O'Reilly Auto Parts World of Wheels : Chicago, IL, Mar 2 - 4 - Custom Car Show

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As the dust settles on the 2012 Brushmasters season. Auction income once again better than $50,000 with every last cent heading to the worlds largest Ronald McDonald House soon to be completed here in Chicago.

Thank you to those who show support for the Brushmasters fifth year of devotion.









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