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Garnish moulding, 1933 90

Guest outlaw car man

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Guest outlaw car man


Going to be installing the garnish molding back into a 1933 Buick 90 soon.

I have a large can, of all sorts of screws that came out of the car.

Can anyone tell me the correct size of screws I need to secure the molding-

We're guessing #6 1 1/4 " oval slotted. Nickel or ss with the flush washers.

I 'm going to buy new ones so I thought I'd see if anyone knew before I order.

A trivial question , but I don't know what to use.

Thanks, appreciate it.

( Mr.) Sandy Jones

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Guest outlaw car man

FYI for anybody restoring a 1933 Buick series 90. The screws for the molding are a 1 1/4 inch nickel , oval head.

Just rewired the car too, used three wire harnesses from Harnesses Unlimited, fit like a glove. Cowl harness was already installed , got lucky.

Current Limit Relay was a bit tricky, couldn't really test the 5 OZ spring test, but seems to work.

later- -

Sandy Jones

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