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Rear Fenderwell Nuts for 1930 Model 68.


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During the process of removing the rear fenders on my 1930 Model 68 I lost many of the fenderwell caged nuts, due to the fact that someone had previously welded in all the bolts. Does anyone have a source for these or have some that they could spare? Bob's does not have these for a 1930. They measure 2 and 1/4 inches between the mounting tabs. Need about a half dozen. Seems like a good chance these would be common across the GM line, but not sure about this. Would appreciate any leads.




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Hi Michael,

I know this post is almost a year old, but I remembered you were looking for these today when I was browsing through an interchange reference book. It turns out the 1931-48 closed car chevys use the same fender cage nuts as 1928-36 & 1938-42 all model Buicks

They are available at:




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Thanks for pointing these out. Actually I did in fact find them about a year ago at the Filling Station and have since installed them on my car. They were a perfect replacement for the originals and take the same size fender bolts as those on my Buick.

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