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'55 Buick Wholesale Parts Book


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This book is a must for the '55 restorer / enthusiast. <P>This book is incredibly detailed and is broken into Chassis and Collision Sections. <BR>Chassis Section covers: Engine, Clutch, ELectrical, Fuel & Exhaust, Transmission & Tires, Rear Axle, Suspension & Steering, and Dash, Instruments & Air Conditioning.<P>Collision Section covers: Exterior Mouldings & Ornaments, Radiator, Grill & Fender, Doors, Glass & Trunk and Body Sheet Metal.<P>There are technical tips and troubleshooting procedures, alignment and tune-up procedures. <P>It shows both exploded and assembled views of all sorts of sections on a '55 Buick, and also lists group numbers for seemingly everything about this car.<P>The book is darn good condition (that's somewhere between good and very good!). I will take $50 (plus S&H) for it or trade it for two NOS Delco-Guide 1962 Pontiac Full Size Wagon tail light lenses.<P>Email me if interested / need more info. Thanks! <P>Matt in Milwaukee

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