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88 $1500

Guest BJM

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It's a buyers market for so many cars, except when sellers don't want to come down. I fully understand if a seller like yourself - did not want to take less then you think your car is worth.

I want an 88 as a restoration project and a nice 90 or 1991. I spotted a 1990 Grey and tan car up in Minnesota at a dealer for $3995 - said has 70,000 miles.

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Guest Kingsley

What makes a real buy is finding one in your own backyard. Just recently acquired an '89 white/blue, black BSM, 16 ways, 106 K, better than average interrior for its mileage for a mere $1500. Extremely clean - runs great - transportation costs $60.00 for tower to bring it home. Now 80 and unable to drive but absolutely must have a Reatta to piddle (and experiment) with! Do not need two to piddle with or, moreso, do not have storage space so the '90 Maui will go in time. Truly a buyer's market today.

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