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1955 Special - Century Trim (1954-1956)


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thanks Pete

somehow I wound up with (2) DRIVER fender trim spears (I only need one)

anyone wanna trade one of mine for any of the following (must be real clean though)

Passenger fender spear

Driver or Passenger small arc (or may consider rear 4 door trim arcs - maybe i can "cut it down to proper length for a 2 door)

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Did you get hooked up yet? If not, PM me, I might know where you can score some or all of the pieces you need.

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Guest 57buickfan

i have a 55 Special 2 Door HT

I am looking for stainless side trim:

Doors (drive + passenger)

front of rear wheel trim (each side - approx 22 1/2" long )

Passenger side rear wheel arc

looking foe decent driver quality



might have what you need,

email me at rnordstrom@cgmailbox.com

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