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Dash Inverter replaced


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Finally had enough of the intermittant inverter issue. The final straw was when I would watch the "show", the light/wiper pods wouldn't back light. Bad enough when I would be driving and I would watch the pods "go out".

I went out to the u-pick yard to both find one and learn how to remove one.

Did both. [but I got two inverters]

IMHO it is far easier to remove the inverter by going thru the top of the dash. Just follow the instructions on Ronnies site to remove both the small defroster vent and the bigger vinyl plastic top pad. The inverter is held in place in the corner closest to the light pod. [You can see it by standing outside the car and looking down tru the windshield].

Squeese the clip with a pliers until you hear the clip snap. Reach inside the opening from the top and pull the inverter down and then back thru the opening. You have plenty of wire to work with, between 6" to 12".

There are two clips holding the leads onto the inverter, one is just a simple pull off clip and the other is held in place by a clip on the leads that is a little trickier, but because you can see it it will come apart easily.

After I was done, closed the garage door, the pods lit up during the "show" and then when I turned on the running/headlights.

This car is getting real close to being "done complete".

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