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Monroe/Gabriel/Sachs Shocks ?


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I've had good luck with the Monroe load leveler shocks in our Rivieras, Jason. As you know, a guy just has to use the air line adapter kit to go from the GM fittings to the Monroe. The other two brands you mentioned might be fine....but, I haven't ever used them.

I was very pleased with the ride of the rear Monroe load levelers. I did not notice any difference between them and the shock GM units. Best, John

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Guest wildcat465

Jayson, I think the Monroe/Gabriel question would be as tough to answer as the Ford/Chevy question.

I can tell you that when I put Monroe Sensatracs on the front and Max Airs on the rear of my Blue 85 Riv, it made my trip to Plano in 2002 an incredible pleasure. It still rides great 25,000 miles and 7 years later ( it has been put away since October ).

Sachs makes good clutches, but I did not know before today that they were in the ride control business.

As an aside, I need to get you info on the 85 T-Type I just picked up.

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