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Hershey Fall Flea Market spaces

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Being new to the aaca I have no idea as to whom to contact for spaces in the fall.I was told a registartion form would be enclosed with the magazine in Jan.or Feb.but recieved nothing.I have an abundance of parts that I'm going to clean out and really wanted to let them go to fellow collectors and Restorers.If anyone can help.please ledt me know as to whom to contact or if person in charge of spaces would contact me that would be great would need three spaces.

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Hello Playtag.

The flea market spaces that are still available will be assigned in July and August of this year.

The way you get a flea market space is as follows:

1. The May/June issue of the national AACA magazine will contain a form to fill out, and return to National headquarters requesting information on available fall meet flea market spaces.

2. National headquarters will mail you the requested information usually by July 1st.

3. Once you receive the information get you money in the mail post-haste because available flea market spaces are assigned to new vendors on a first-in-first-filled basis, and this is determined by the mail delivery.

4. The good news: If you get a flea market space during any summer registration you will then be placed in the Hershey Region flea market space data base for pre-registration of your flea market space for next year. This means that you will receive a flea market space renewal request for next year in January of that year, and you can renew then for a few dollars less then what it cost you initially for your space. Also, you won't have to wonder if you'll get a space like you did the year before.

I've been fairly regular in the flea market since 1985, and the procedure has not changed for 25 years. Also, I was a Hershey Region member for years, and have seen the aforementioned procedures followed to the letter for many years.

All the best on your quest. You'll have a superb time as a flea market vendor. I always do........


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