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Jeepster stainless trim

Guest Staff

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I am in need for two small pieces of stainless trim for a 1950 Jeepster restoration. The trim that attaches to the bottom of the windshield and makes a turn before terminating in the door jam. I need the small "V" shaped piece connecting the cowl section and the small, 2" section that ends in the door jam.

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Guest rmongoose

do you know of any damaged ones around that i can fix for ya?

I can make the center clip ya need, I made a couple clips for a jeepster about six months back


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Try this guy,

Steve Crober

Larsen WI

920 836-2722

Mention Mark Smazik, I own a 58 Willys fire engine. We had a mutual Jeepster friend Emil Staroba, since past.

Steve can probably hook you up with that stainless stuff. He set me up with a set of door sills for my fire engine. They were certainly not falling from the heavens.

Good luck

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