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1962 Olds 394 c.i. Dual Exhaust

D Yaros

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Once again, a '64 Starfire exhaust manifold is not necessary to put duals on a '62. The factory used the same manifolds for single and dual exhausts in '61 and '62. The difference is in the pipe routing and the cap on the passenger side.


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Okay I bought the NOS exhaust pipe that is used for dual exhaust and it can be done however it has so many bends and kinks in it that the restriction in flow is high.


Any chance of posting a pic of the exhaust pipe used on driver side with duals that you bought? Also, as I too am in WI, where did you buy it, and at what cost?

Thanks -

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I still have the pipe and did not use it. You can have it. But no garantees that it will work. I looked at it and did not like what I saw so I did not try it.

Please send me a PM, to discuss how I can acquire it! Thanks.

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Guest Jim_Edwards

The illustration for both dual and single exhaust systems for '61 and '62 full size cars (all models) can be found on page 8-41 of the 1961 factory Service Manual. No changing of either exhaust manifold required to convert a single exhaust to a dual exhaust. However, what one must have is the blocking plate/cap to plug the port where the crossover pipe connects on the passenger side manifold. To my knowledge no one reproduces the plate or it's correct gasket, so you'll have to fab the plate from 1/8" plate steel and cut a gasket for it from appropriate materials.

Overall, KQQLCAT's suggestion of using a driver side exhaust manifold from a '64 may be the easiest way to get the job done, but it will not be model correct and could cost you points in a judging. Plus you'll still need the cover/block plate for the passenger side.

Reminder for all owner's of '62 Oldsmobiles: The '62 Service Manual was basically an addendum to the '61 Service Manual, making the latter a must have to be able to properly service/restore any '62.

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