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55 Power Steering Pump Info


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Hey Guys,

I completely went through my pump and replaced bearings and seals.

Painted everything up nice.

And then realized the bolt the yahoo before me had holding the resevoir cover on was too small. The threads are smaller than the retainer inside.

So I'm looking at it and the hole in the cover is smaller than the bolt required to hold it down.

So the info I need is what holds the cover on? Is it a stud and nut thing? Once the cover is secure is there anything that sits on top of the cover like a plug that covers the hole?

Pics would be a bonus

Thanks Guys,


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Probably unnecessary to mention this, but don't overlook the seal in the cover itself. (Mine was so flat and hardened it wasn't apparent at first that there even was a seal in there... but fortunately it came out in one piece, making a nice template to cut a new one from.)

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You da man

That is exactly what I was looking for.

Does the washer on the bolt have a small gasket on it or is it just metal to metal with the cover?

You've been a busy guy lately. You're making me feel bad about my lack of progress. Everything I've seen looks great.

Keep up that momentum.


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