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is this a Cord?


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Yes, it is a 1936-37 Cord Westchester. The other clue here is it is in front of a showroom with Auburn and Duesenberg on the windows. Cord was part of the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Corporation.


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West, I don't know. Possibly because the Custom Beverlys had the bustle. (even there an exception existed, a prototype Custom Beverly was a stretched slantback). In the beginning, 1936, all sedans were flat backs, both Westchester and Beverly. That was the pure Gordon Buehrig original design. In August '36, after Buehrig left Auburn, Alex Tremulis conceived the bustle trunk, and both Westchester and Beverly , plus the Custom series, were available with it for '37. There were even several convertible phaetons produced with it! The contoversial trunk was deemed needed because of limited luggage space in the slantback's.

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