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64 Console lights


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Have you removed the plastic lenses and looked inside?
I've got the whole console out of the car and I can see the screws from the backside but can't get to them. How do I get the lenses out without punching a hole in them?
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If they're old, yellowed, and brittle, you'll probably wind up breaking one or both, BUT there are new ones available at your local GM parts counter. To get the lenses out, you press down on the from the outside between the housing and the lens. There are some tabs that hold them in place. If someone didn't happen to have their console out and needed to replace a bulb, that is how it would be done. Same goes for the lights in the sail panels.


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Look at new lenses here. You can see the tabs. Like Ed said, gently slip something at side of lens to get one tab out. The lens pops out.


Don't sweat it if you break it. In fact, even if you do not break it, nothing makes the interior look really good and fresh like 4 new lenses in the Riv (2 in the console and 2 in the back, on the sides by the package shelf).

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