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1961 Bonneville 4-speed coupe WANTED

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Hello, I am looking for an original 61 Bonneville 4-speed coupe. I do not want a 100% restored car, I would prefer some wear and tear than something restored. I would really like to find a nice complete original, from a complete rust-free (or as close to as possible) project to a nice nice unmolested original. Tri-power and metalbacks not a must, but either or both would be awesome. I have no color preference. What is a must is an original drivetrain and it being an original documented 4-speed.

Finder's fee GLADLY paid if you lead me to a correct car that can be bought. Someone out there surely knows where of one these beasts is hiding. PLEASE let me know, I am a serious buyer. Been looking for one for too many years and I almost can't stand it anymore.

Thank you!


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