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1930 fordor Briggs-Front Seat Removal

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My Father is currently restoring a 1930 fordor and has run into a problem while trying to removethe front seat. It seems the 3 bolts on each end of the seat that secure it to the floor board are stripped out. The bolt heads turn but do not loosen. I inspected the underside of the floorbord but did not find any nuts or bolts. We are stumped as to how the seat is anchored to the floorboard and how it can be removed. Can anyone help us out here?



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Never been into a 30 fordor so I can only give general advice.

There is probably a captured nut set in a recess or a wood blind nut.

For a real answer take the question to Fordbarn.com Model A forum as that is where the largest concentration of A guys can be found.

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