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OK Riviera People: I thought I knew quite a lot about the 63,64 and 65 Riviera. After all I have several examples. Well, here's the story...........

Several weeks ago I ran across a 63 Riviera for sale. It had been owned by a man who had wrecked his pristine 63 Riviera and used this car as a donor car. When he told me that the hood, left front fender, grille, bumper assembly and all the hardware were installed on the car he wrecked I kind of went, aah, this ain't gonna work. After a few days of thinking about it I realized that I had all the parts this car was missing at my house. Now what are the chances of that happening?

I purchased the car and got it home. The next morning I went down to my parts stash and assembled all the parts. I was excited! First I rounded up all the fasteners, next, I installed the hood because it's raining, cleaned up all the parts and proceeded to prepare them to install. I cleaned and painted the inner stuff and proceeded to strip the fender. It had a skim coat of filler primer so it took a while. Primed it and started to put all the parts on the car. I'm really excited now.

Small problem comes up. The left headlight assembly isn't lining up with the left fender. Remember this car had NO collision damage and the parts were just removed. What was the problem?

Me, Mr. Know it all finally figured it out. This is something I knew even as a young guy and it totally slipped by me. What do you think the problem was? Answer...........I will stop you when you figure it out! It's pretty easy so it should come fast!


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OK Riviera People: You are sharp! It shrunk in the rain!


Real answer............................65 fender. Mitch, ex Mr. Know It All.

White with a red leather interior,.... has to be my favourite combination.

What are your plans for your new 63?

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Mr. knowitall,

Where exactly did the '63 turn signal bezel not line up with the fender? On my '64, which I've now owned for about 4 years, there's a gap above the turn signal bezel and the fender. Am I experiencing the same thing you are, or is your misalignment somewhere else?



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Guest Gee_Rydes

You guys may already know this, but the 63/4 fender has about a 1/2 inch of lip on it at the top of the turn signal opening that the 65's do not have. Almost looks like an eyebrow.

That is why I like the look of the 63/4 conversions to a "kinda" 65 look...cause they have that extra 1/2 inch of lip.

If you have a 65 fender, there will be a gap from the lack of sheetmetal

Maybe I am stating the obvious right now and am way off base???

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OK Riviera People: Gee Rydes has it right on. The 65 fender when installed on a 63 and 64 has about a 1/2 " gap between the sheet metal and the head light assembly. Besides that the 63 and 64 parking light assembly won't work and.......the eyebrow of the 65 fender is different. i knew the fenders were different but was too much of an ego-maniac to realize it until after the fact!

Mr. Ewing. My plans for this car are to find a left front fender, install it, put the front end together, rattle can the off color parts white, get the car drivable and park it in the back 40. I will probably have this for a long time so I can play with it when ever I feel like it and look at it and even just enjoy thinking about it.


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