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WTB: Early Brass era 3 speed transmission


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Does anyone have an unidentified and not big three speed progressive transmission? I may change my mind and use an early open case two speed with reverse, planetary transmission. I also need a pair of forged or cast front frame horns like used on a Rauch-Lang electric. If you have any help for me drop a PM note or call: 1-435-864-3667.


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I have an aluminum case 3 speed transmission c1906. This has an oval inspection cover top center. I think it has 4 mounting ears. there is a Spicer mounting flange on the output end. This was out of a high quality car the casting is very nicely done and finished. I have no idea about the internal condition as there is still a lot of heavy grease inside.

I purchased this transmission for a project I was assembling and then found a 4 speed White transmission that will work better for me.



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