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Finally found the adjustment screws for the 4th bow behind the side flaps on the 'vert and by loosening I relieved the excess tension on the top, maybe even it will stop popping.

Two T30 screws on each side. Backed them off and was able to tighten the locking pins enough that the seal makes contact with the tonneau again.

Just going to need to drive a bit but suspect it may be corrected at last.


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Guest mongeonman

The top on my 90 pups up to,i bought an adjusting tool for the pins on ebay to try to fix it,i will try to fix it by adjusting the screws to, maybe it will fix the water leak to,thanks.

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Tool ? I just originally loosened the pins as far as they would go (and wound up losing one of the black blocks the pin threads into, fortunately did not loose the pin). Just lined up with the holes by eye.

Now that I dropped both sides of the 4th bow by 1/8" (which slackened the whole assembly by about 1/4") everything fits much better.

Is still an inexpensive replacement with a plastic window but I rarely put it up anyway.

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