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Correct license plates for Penna, 1928 - passenger car ?

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Am going to be looking for some Pennsylvania Year-of -manufacture license plates for my 1928 Ford.

Have seen several varieties on eBay...

Couple of matched sets (pairs), some with six numbers separated by a hyphen eg: 000-000, and others with a letter, followed by some numbers,

eg: A 00-000.

So, my basic questions are:

1) Was Pennsylvania a two-plate state in'28 ?

2) Correct alpha-numeric sequence for a civilian passenger car ?

Thanks !

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I'd be surprised if Pennsylvania was just a "two-plate" state, as most states had several different versions. In 1928, many states had different letters signifying the weight class of the car, plus, truck plates, trailer plates, dealer plates, etc. I see many times where an unknowing car owner will buy the correct-year plate, but it is the wrong type, i.e. an "A" plate on a Packard, when "A" signifies less than 2,000 pounds, or a "B" plate on a Model A when it should be an "A".

I suggest contacting the ALPCA (American License Plate Collectors Association), and get the straight facts before buying.

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Thanks for the additional resources, West.

When I meant a "two=plate" state, I meant each vehicle having two license plates, one up front and one on the rear.

During my lifetime, PA vehicles are issued only one plate, and it goes on the rear.

But I have pair of matching 1941 Penna plates for my De Soto, so apparently, there was a period when PA vehicles carried two tags.

Will check out ALPCA...

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