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1924 Davis Phaeton.

Guest F6Forrest

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Guest F6Forrest

A friend sent me this picture to identify. It's Uncle Harolds car, he said Davis is on the back.

Is this a 1924 or so George W. Davis series 71 Phaeton made in Richmond Indiana?


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Guest DeSoto Frank

Looks like the "Davis" logo on the spare tire cover, right at "12 o'clock"...

( Have to click on photo and enlarge to largest view)

Not many cars of that era had four-lug hubs... Ajax Six and Moon are the others that come to mind.

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Who bought the Davis that was sitting beside Highway 70, behind the fence,

in Kinston, N.C.??

Some one E-Mailed me and I was going to take and send him some pictures.

The car was gone last time I passed through.

Sure hope that what was left found a good home. Some rare and beautiful parts were still left on the heap.

The guy that contacted me had a Davis with an "unusual" history. So I was told.

Bill Harmatuk

New Bern, N.C.

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