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Ford service bulletin - trunk conversion to rumble ?

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Have been reading Jim Schildt's "Model A Restorer's Shop Manual", and he makes reference to a Ford Motor Company service bulletin / instruction sheet for conversion of the trunk to a rumble seat from the Model A era...

Apparently the floor pans and such were bolted to the body, as opposed to being welded ?

Does anyone know if the Ford instructions are available on-line ?

I'm trying to finish a conversion that was started on my '28 coupe...

Thanks !

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Jim's description is confusing at best.

The pans are riveted to metal sills, but guys are frequently doing other stuff.

Anyway, here is a link to my site the will provide some pictures as a good starting point.

Rumble lids

You would do best to ask further specific questions over on fordbarn.

I believe the pans were riveted to the sills.

Poke around Vince's website as he put together a coupe and has some good details.

Vince Falter's website

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