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1970 Rokon 2 wheel drive motorcycle

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I have decided to lighten my garage. After moving vehicles around 4 times with my kitchen remodel. I realized I didn't have the Rokon out of the garage at all last year other than to used the trailer for the Lebanon show. So I have listed it on E-bay. AACA Junior, Senior, and preservation awards. I used it for my daughter to show while I showed something else, now she has moved on and has no interest in the Rokon.:(

Item # 250572450191

An inexpensive way to get into showing and AACA winner:)

Other Makes : eBay Motors (item 250572450191 end time Feb-09-10 17:56:03 PST)






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No the cylindrical thing in the front is called a miter box, it is a small gear box that takes the power coming in the drive shaft and put it out to both sides. same in the rear, the rear takes power from the transmission and puts it out the the other side chain to drive the rear wheel and out the drive shaft to run the front miter-box. the front miter box runs the front wheel via a chain and the other side has the disk brake that stops both wheels.

The drive shaft has a one way clutch in it so the front wheel can go faster than the rear wheel for turns.

A miter-box is like a lock differential.

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