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Are all A fenders the same I bought a truck body that had some fenders attached and was wondering if the truck fenders are any different than the cars. The guy I bought the truck from said he was peacing the truck together. All he had was the body front fenders hood,radiator shell,three wheels, and Light bar. I have added a few pics if it would help.




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The fenders are same from car to truck.

There are some different fenders. The 31 fenders will have a notch for the splash apron and the 30's will have the notch spot welded in place.

There are some minor variations in fenders.

The 28-29 fenders are much different.

A little aside. You need to find out if you have a 28-29 or a 30-31 frame. That will affect radiator height and how the hood fits.

It is recommended that you get the Judging Standards as that will help you understand the various parts.

I also like to point out that a properly restored to original Model A will drive like a car from the factory. A car from the factory would run 55+ MPH comfortably and stop effectively for the tires (the tires limit how well the A can stop). If you took the factory prints to an engine shop and ask them to restore the engine to those specs they would charge you for building to racing engine specs.

Ford precision built a lot of the A's mechanical parts so keep that in mind as you build the car.

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Thanks alot guys I know 1937hd45 sumed it up for me but if any one want s to add or reinerate feel free. And A by the Sea I will look into that book. Im alittle broke right now after buying the 31 truck body and 31 tudor body. I had originaly got the truck for the fenders and was going to sell the truck body but I got a lead on another set of fenders If I could find a nother frame I think I will build the truck too.

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I could be wrong but because of the odd angle the cab was photographed at the bottom of the back panel appears to tuck under too soon, almost like a sedan back grafted onto a passenger front to make a homemade truck cab, a not uncommon occurence in the old days.

Before you decide what to do with the cab could we see a straight on side profile picture to determine if that is a factory truck back panel?

Howard Dennis

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Its not a sedan back end i have a sedan in the garadge in front of the truck body and it is not the same. In the pic the running board and splash apron is bent and is giving the illousion of the curve. but I will post a pic to night when I get home.

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