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'65 Sells at Mecum for $25K Today


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Here's the link: 1965 Buick Riviera 2-Door 401 CI, Automatic for sale by Mecum Auction

The announcers talked about how they expected dramatic increases in first-generation Riviera prices in the near future..."a car that is just beginning to come into its own" or some such BS. I hope they're right!

That's been the rumor for 25 years, since Richard Langworth's Buick Buyers Guide proclaimed the 65 GS was going to be a $50,000 car soon.

The problem is outside of the 2x4 option package for the 64's and the 65's, they built about 100,000 first gen Rivieras. That's a lot - to create collectible interest from an investment standpoint.

Buy to enjoy, not to make money and the rest will follow.

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