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Stoplight switch - '28 Ford

Guest DeSoto Frank

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Guest DeSoto Frank

Still trying to sort out my "new" A....

Need to get the brakelight working.

Car is equipped with the single "drum" stop/tail light on the left side.

New wiring harness.

Tailight works, but no brakelight.

The brakes were adjusted prior to my taking delivery of the car; the pedal seems "high" to me, with only about 1.5" of pedal travel required to lock-up the wheels...

Am wondering if there is not enough movement of the pedal linkage to activate the stoplight-switch ( early style, mounted to transmission).

How much "free travel" should there be in the brake pedal ?

Is there any provision for adjustment of the stoplight switch ?


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I have seen several different stop light switches used over the years on different Model A's. I guess there have been different remanufactured switches used as well as a lot of creative adaptations over the years. You should find that the stop light switch is bolted to the top side of the transmission. Depending on what you find there, you should find it to be adjustable or you can modify the mounting slightly to get it to do what you need it to do. It sounds like you have minimal pedal travel the way your brakes are adjusted. As long as they are stopping like they should, I would think that is a good thing.

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Guest DeSoto Frank

Guess it's time to pull-up the floor-boards and have a look...

The brakes seem to be working fine... which is a good thing !

I've been pondering backing-off the adjusting wedges a notch or two at each wheel to gain a little more pedal travel...

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