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F/S: Correct 1963-65 Riviera Muffler


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Hi. I have a new-in-box, long discontinued, oval Midas Gold muffler for 1963-65 Riviera for sale. Now you don't have to put up with the reproduction mufflers and their welded seams or round shape (instead of oval). Now you don't have to piece together a newer Firebird or Camaro cross-flow muffler to quiet your Riv. down.

This vintage Midas Gold unit is an exact replacement for the '63-'65 Riviera. You are able to use your stock Riviera exhaust hangers and inlet pipe flanges. This muffler is complete with the correct, captured inlet flanges. NOTE: This crossflow muffler has the correct-size tailpipe outlets for the "standard" Riviera. The proper muffler for the GS Riv.will have larger diameter outlets.

Never out of its factory box, and priced at $150, plus shipping. Thanks. John in Wisconsin

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Hi, Ed. Man, you are creative!! Sure....happy to help you out.....just drive that '63 of yours into my garage here in Wisconsin tomorrow morning, and I'll take care of you!!!

Do you recall the old Midas TV commercials where an old guy (was he a minister?) brought his Model A Ford into Midas to collect on his umpteenth warranty muffler? Best, John

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