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1956 Coupe De Ville paint codes

Guest pilotmike

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Guest pilotmike

I have been lurking for a few months trying to search for some answers and have found a ton of info!

My 56 is two tone, light blue and white.

Can someone help decode what color(s) it came with from Detroit?

Tag reads:

STYLE:No 56 -62370X

BODY: FW2607

TRIM:No 43

PAINT: No 12 (Gray?)

ToOPunreadable until I remove more oxidation


Thanks for any help in advance.

Mike in Paicifc Grove Ca

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Guest 41cadman

Hi Mike, if you look at the data plate again it should say 56 6237DX . Obviously the 56 is the year the series is 62 37dx is Coupe Deville D for Deluxe and X is for power windows the paint code 12 is Canyon Gray , the Accessory codes E is for Easy Eye Glass (tinted) H is for heater and Y is for power seats Most the info can be found on the Cadillac Lasalle club site in the Cadillac Database

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