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1962 Buick Factory Chassis & Body Manuals

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I have a good, original 1962 Buick Dealer Chassis Manual and the matching original Dealer Body Manual for sale.

The Chassis Manual covers service, repairs, specs, and detailed information for all mechanical and electrical groups for 1962 Electra, Invicta and LeSabre. The matching Body Manual covers all body-related service, repairs, specs, and other information for Electra, Invicta, LeSabre and Special.

Both of these Buick dealer manuals are in good, generally clean conditon. Not "perfect"...but no beat-up covers, missing pages, etc. There is a thin, diagonal tape mark on the front of the Chassis Manual (shown in the photo). I haven't tried to remove it.

The price for this pair of original 1962 Buick manuals is $50, plus $7 shipping. Thanks for looking. John in Wisconsin


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