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Chicago Brushmasters Gear up!


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On Saturday January 23 the Chicago Brushmasters converged on FX Graphics in Burr Ridge, Illinois welcomed by shop owner Robbie Pyle. By first thing in the morning the brushes were flying and progress was being made. The artist gathered to add to the massive list of automotive type treasures being offered for bid at this years World of Wheels show slated for March 5-7 here in the Chicago area.

This year the Brushmasters will once again produce a vast array of work all being offered to the highest bidder with 100% of the proceeds going Directly to The Ronald McDonald House being built here in Chicago.

The support of the Artist as well as body shops, paint suppliers, and others donating materials, and talent have increased every year. All involved look forward to a outstanding event.

Along with the charitable donation the overall interest in this auto based art is skyrocketing in the area. Young and old are being draw into the art and the seasoned Brushmasters share their talents without hesitation.

Please make plans to attend this auction and more importantly watch the artist at work live during the entire event. It is educational as well as a great event.


Honored Artist 2010 Art Dexter the fastest brush in the business. Artist responsible for more hand painted race cars than we can count!





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I remember my Grandfather telling me that there was a slea and buggy factory where he grew up. The pin stripers would come to work after drinking much of the night and he said their hands would be shaking until they layed the brush to the wood. The lines would then be smooth as silk. Dandy Dave!

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