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Guest Chris_B

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Guest Chris_B

Hey folks I'm new to this forum, I work in the timber industry and i was recently walking over a tract of our timber and came upon a old buick and i need some help identifying it, the VIN number is located behind the right front wheel # 1492833 I dont have any idea what year model this car is most of the sheet metal has rusted out but there are a few parts on the car that i could sell cheap, steering box and components,leaf springs and even the frame is in good shape. any help is greatly appreciated also i have some pics but they're not great.

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Chassis serial numbers 1926 Master's start at 1412093

Chassis serial numbers 1927 115's start at 163880

So may be a 1926.

Photo's would help identify

To add images on the bottom of the screen

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Have also read there is a limit of 2000 pixels when posted as an attachment You can also add images to a gallery. Check your User CP (Control Panel)

For graphics software to resize images (and much more) try IrfanView - Homepage - one of the most popular viewers worldwide. Free to download with many features. Easy to use.

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From this thread where your question was asked again to get better results

Dear Chris:

The frame number you give of 1,492,833 was issued by Buick to a 1926 Model 26. Buick built 10,531 model 26's plus 1 for export that year.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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Guest Chris_B

Thanks for the help guys i wish there was enough of the car left to rebuild, but its not much left maybe I can help someone with the few parts its got left. I'm a bodyman by trade and hate to see things go to waste thats hard to find as im sure these are.

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