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Exciting Announcement! eBay/Kruse International Partnership


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The Buick Club of America and eBay/Kruse have formed a partnership to<BR>provide a personal and exclusive service to our BCA members wishing to <BR>sell<BR>their cars. Working with Lindsay Cole on site in Auburn, Indiana, the<BR>following program has been developed for you:<P>* Listing fee for BCA members will be $39.95 per car (with car club<BR>coupon), regularly $69.95<P>* Once a vehicle has sold on line, a 5% commission is collected from <BR>the<BR>buyer as a deposit for the sale. Once the deposit is collected, the <BR>buyer<BR>and seller meet and inspect the car and finish the transaction.<P>* A claim code number is assigned to the Buick Club for tracking <BR>listings<BR>and sales. The number will be present on the coupon, which must be<BR>accompanied with the listing form, pictures and payment in order to <BR>ensure<BR>correct identification.<P>* As part of the eBay/Kruse listing promotion, each club member would <BR>be<BR>aware of and educated about how the process works and the benefits of <BR>the<BR>partnership to the individual members.<P>The contact for this new service is Lindsay Cole, Senior Internet Marketing<BR>Specialist, eBay/Kruse International at 1-800-968-4444, ext. 235 or<BR>lindsay@kruseinternational.com. Forms can be sent e mail, fax or you <BR>can<BR>sign in to <A HREF="http://www.buickclub.org/ebay.htm." TARGET=_blank>http://www.buickclub.org/ebay.htm.</A> <P>Remember, you must give Lindsay the Claim Code 4440 and your BCA number <BR>to<BR>get this special offer!<BR>

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