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1921 Studebaker Big Six Touring - Save It!

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StudeBig6: if you don't mind me asking, what did you end up getting for the Stude? I ask because I have a 1921 Special Six and I'm trying to determine its value. Its complete (engine, chassis, etc) and a two seater so not exactly an apples / apples comparison, but your experience would give me a starting point. I'm also getting a professional appraisal tomorrow. Feel free to message/email me if you don't want to post the price publically.

For everyone else, here's a picture. I'll probably put it up for sale very soon and will post lots more pictures then under a separate topic. Anyone interested please contact me. Its in driveable condition and been in my family since 1945. I really would prefer it go to someone to finish restoring than get chopped up for a hot rod (which is typical around here).


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Thanks. Anything helps, though its hard to tell the condition with one picture. Seems inexpensive if the person from this thread got anywhere near $6k for just the chassis. That '24 looks quite different than mine. Not only is it a 4 seater instead of a roadster, but the chrome is different, it has a single pane window, and the hood is more angular. Maybe that's just how things changed in 3 years...

I had it appraised on Friday and should get the result this week.

FWIW there is a 24 Special 6 Touring in the Studebaker section for sale at $6500 - do not know if that helps or hurts...
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I saw your ad about 1921 studebaker, please reply, I have the same model, body in bad shape, missing 2 wood spoke wheels, complete frame and running gears, with original fenders and hubcaps, BUT i have a body in poor shape, with what you have it could be a whole car again, please get back to me, let me know if the body is still around, ps. I'd be happy to sell all at a cheap price, I'm not getting any younger !

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