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Auburn, IN auction and '68 Electra for sale


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Does anybody have any experience with the annual Kruse auto auction in Auburn, Indiana? Will you get a fair price or are there usually more sellers than buyers?<P>I have a '68 Electra 225 I want to sell there (or anywhere for that matter). Go to <A HREF="http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/tmallin" TARGET=_blank>http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/tmallin</A> <BR>for pictures.<P>It's a 4door pillarless with 430 4-bbl, dual exhaust, A/C, no rust, p/wind, p/seat, p/ant, load levelling. 76K miles, Asking $3990. <BR>tmallin@yahoo.com or 734 854 2049 evenings EST. Temperance, Michigan

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I attended their auction two years ago. Some vehicles sold for a lot of $$, some did not bring what they are worth. Depends a lot on what time and day of the week yours goes through. For what you have to spend to enter your car in one of Kruse's auctions, you can buy an awful lot of large photo ads in collector car magazines. That's my two cents' worth.

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