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1930 dodge radiator cap info parts needed

Guest k9rick

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I am looking for a 1930 Dodge Brothers DD radiator cap. Any one know where i can find one or what other years will fit. It is the twist on type . Any body got a photo of what the correct one looks like?Thanks for any info. Rick 502-773-6363 rick.heine@louisvilleky.gov

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Guest martylum

Hi-Don Sommer makes beautifully crafted rad. caps for a number of early cars including early 30's Dodge Ram's head caps.

I installed one on a 32 dodge DK-8 and it really sparked up the front of the car. I think these caps were a dealer addon option but not sure which years they were correct. I think Don might have a website. If not, mail me for a phone #. Sometimes the original caps, which are potmetal, are very difficult to successfully replate. These new caps are stainless.

Martin Lum

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Here you go. There was just one sold on ebay and they are RARE!! Good luck.

do you know of any other years or makes that will fit the 1930 radiator . i just need something i can make work untill i acn locate the correct cap . thanks k9rick

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