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87 buick riveria t-type

Guest cpher1

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Hello i have a 87 buick riveria that i have a question about. My question is how much is it worth. The buick has everyting electric in it as well as digital display, and a touch screen computer and all of the functions work great on it. I have no qlue on finding out its worth. I have looked up some info and i guess its a t-type. Its driven everyday to and from my work. It has 168000 miles on it. It is in great shape no rust at all on the body but the driver side lock is knocked out and the headliner is starting to sag other then that it is a great car. Well thats all i got for now like i said if anyone could qlue me in on what its worth or how rare it is please let me know.

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Unfortunately the 87 T-Type is not an example of where a cars rarity helps the value. They made 2587 T-Types out of 15,233 cars total. Rare enough but that generation Riviera does not have a good enough following to drive prices up. That was the generation Riv after the successful 79-85 series and many looked at them as the Riviera where Buick lost it way.

The T-type consisted of a graphic control center, special ride/handling suspension, sport wheel covers, leather wrapped steering wheel and fast ratio steering. Optional T-type packages were available that included a different axle ratio, 15" Aluminum wheels, and reclining leather and suede power seats and body side molding/accents.

Tough to offer a price on a car like this without more detail but if I had to guess the value will be under $2000 with those miles but honestly, I don't know enough about these cars value to say for sure.

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Guest my3buicks

While this body style Riv hasn't found a big following yet, they are great drivers. This downsizing was not popular when new, and that affects the collectability today. The refreshment of this body in 1989 was actually much more Riviera like and some of that vintage are quite lovely.

These cars a great drivers though, I have had the pleasure of driving a few of this body style of different years and configurations and have been pleasantly surprised at just how nice they drive.

I could easily add a 91-93 into my garage.

Enjoy the car, and be proud of it!!!

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