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65' Riviera - Transmission Leak

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I am loosing trans fluid where the speedometer cable attaches to the transmission. The o-ring at the case is fine but fluid is dripping from the cable itself. Is there another o-ring inside the case or do I need to replace my speedometer gear? Never had one of these apart and the manual isn't real clear. Any help/advice is appreciated!

Thanks - Ron

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I'm not sure about the 65s but if they are like the 66 there is a small diameter seal inside the removeable aluminum housing the cable threads onto and its towards the outside end visible when you remove the cable. The shaft of the plastic gear rides on this seal and if its bad, oil will leak out the cable as you describe.

I can't recall for certain but I don't think it is just an oring. If memory serves its a lip type oil seal. Its been awhile since I replaced one of these. I've never seen this seal sold by itself. You could try going to a tranny shop and ask them they may fix you up with one. Otherwise you may have to purchase a master seal kit to get the little buggar

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