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1930 hupmobile ebay listing


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Hi all

I noticed an ebay listing for a 1930 Hupmobile parts/salvage car, which is very rough looking<TABLE style="WIDTH: 100%" cellPadding=3><TBODY><TR><TD class=infolabel_txt vAlign=top noWrap align=left width="1%">Item number:</TD><TD vAlign=top>190365380150</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>. Can anyone tell me if it is a 1930, what series it is? I am interesred because I own a 1929 series A Hupmobile with many parts missing. The hubcaps look like the 29 wood wheel caps I need for my car. The bottom of the rad looks slightly different to my 29. I was wondering if parts from this car may fit my 29. I lack most body parts from the back of front seat as it was converted to a truck in war years. I would like to make mine a car again.


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Its a Model S. Produced from 1929 to 1932 in the Cleveland Plant. This car had many changes from the 1929 series A Hupp. The hubcaps look the same BUT they have different thread sizes. The A threads are much larger than the S. The pic I posted will show you the difference in the rad shells . The S has a slight Vee at the bottom, the A being almost straight. Unless these cars are parked side by side its hard to see the difference in the body. There have been some Model A Hupp 1928 & 1929 parts cars in our Hupp Club Parts Locator that would be correct for you to use. If you are not a member let me know.Hopes this helps Chuck



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Thanks Chuck

I didn't notice that difference in the shape of the rad. I was hoping but not wanting to make an error. I did try to contact one of the sellers in the Hupp parts locater but did not get a reply so I assumed it was an old listing and was sold already. They seem to run a lot of ads over and over.

Thanks again, John

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