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Nic does have my email address correct. I am not sure why you are having troubles.

I do have very nice reproduction REATTA sill plate inserts available.

I can be reached at jfinn@cpinternet.com

After posting the above three lines, I clicked on my email address in line 3 and sent myself and email. It came through.

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Bill...I just happen to see on ebay reatta door sill plates available for the next 3 days for a buy it now price of $100 (starting price of $25 w/ a reserve not met)...kind of expensive IMO. I'm in no way connected to this seller, just letting you know of the sills.

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Sorry Jim, I still cant get the e mail to go. I will have my wife try this evening when she gets home from work. Maybe she can figure out what I am doing wrong. Thanks Bill Belk WEB 38

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