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1929 F29 Sport Coupe

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Hi Don,

I can probably help you. I have an extremely large pile of NOS GM very heavy in Oldsmobile.It thins out around 1930 but I have a several 28 thru 30 parts cars that are all 6cyl models.If I don't have a set NOS I will have a used set pulled from an engine,hopefully one of the 4 engines will have a good set. I hope to someday to have all the parts I have on my website at:http://oldsobsolete.com/ although I don't think anything for your 29 will be found there at this time. Let me know if it has to be NOS or if a good used set will do. mailto.mike@oldsobsolete.net



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Thanks for the reply. Nos would be nice for the timing gears but Iwould be ok with good used gears.

Also need left rear axle.If you have one please let me know. Let me know cost and when you could ship gears.

Thanks Don

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