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Yes I do , my friend has the car and needs a cylinder head to get it running any idea were I could get the head from , hope you can help Harry

I know thare is one Imperial racer green somewhere and also a red painted replica (not very similar to the original) in California.

Tell your friend to contact me. I probably can get the cylinder head, depending on the engine he has. That car use two different engines (at least). my email is fkunzendorf@hotmail.com.

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Has any one any pictures of George Howie's car number 44 from 1931 Indianapolis 500 race or other races?


Has any one have pictures or information about  South American guy Juan A. Gaudino's Imperial straight 8 engine Indianapolis 500 race car from 1932 or R. Riganti's car from year 1933 Indy race ? This car called as Golden Seal Special. 


Here we have a car what is claimed to be George Howie's car in 1931-32 Indy 500 race . Do anyone know whish car of those three claimed Chrysler straight 8 engined car sold to Finland in 1930's ?  Car in here has modified to northern sport car series sometime's in 1930's or so. Car has a great racing history here and it ended racing 1950 when camsaft broke the engine block . Car is safe in privat collection here . I really have try to find answer to this question's but still not so lucky. I have pictures etc. And tell you more , if you know something about these Chrysler Imperial straight 8 Indianapolis etc. race car's . I have allready been contact with GNH family etc. So i just need new and correct information about these car's

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What picture you need? I have lot of pictures , but no license to share them in internet . I have take lot of video's from car in here and there is eaven public film from the car. That i can send to this page.


here it is:   http://yle.fi/aihe/artikkeli/2006/09/08/10-elaintarhan-ajoissa-ennatysyleiso


After 8 minutes from start till the end you can see this car in here. Car number is 19 in this film.


Car is modified in stockholm somewhere in 1930's so it does not look alot of GNH car anymore , but it still have Imperial straight 8 engine and frame from Dodge / Chrysler or Imperial. I know it is shorten frame, so tell me somethin new about the car.

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Just ran the 10 minute film. Body of white car looks like 1931 Chrysler CD8 Roadster, bigger car than the rest of them racing, very interesting film footage from 1948, first part is motorcycles, car racing starts at about 7 minute mark. You can stop film and move curser to 7:27 second mark and with film stopped see the white Chrysler car in question.


Hade; The Chrysler CD8 engines had typically 3", 3.125" and 3.25" cylinder bore (depending on whether they were 1st, 2nd, or 3rd series), and 5 main bearings, total displacement from 240CI to 284CI. The 1931 Chrysler Imperial CQ8 Roadster engine had 3.5" bore and about 385CI displacement, a more powerful engine. Some pictures of the car you are speaking of as it exists today would be helpful. It is possible thye entrant was a CD8 Roadsterv with an Imperial Straight 8 engine installed, not an easy feat as Imperial engine was likely 3-4 inches longer. 

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Golden Seal Special as referred to by Keiser previously was an Argentinian effort at Indy for 32 and 33. Today three car exist, one Green (Sam Mann USA?), one Red (used to be Martin Swig USA) and a second Red (previously with Louwman NLD, but since seen advertised by German dealers). In an almost Mercedes-Benz SSKL situation (20 out of 8 exist) all three have "some claim to heritage" to quote Martin Swig several years back.

The George Howie Special have I never seen pictured, but it must originally have been very different from the car that raced "Nordic Special Class" in 48.




1 Profil GS Swig 2.bmp

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I have much information on George Howie's 1931 to 33 Indy car as I am his Grand Nephew. Hade and I have been conversing as I don't believe the car in Finland is my Uncle's. Mainly because we can't justify the time line. Besides my Uncle never went to Europe to race. As far as I know he sold the car in 1936 to someone in Ohio. 

I much would like to talk to "beemergb" for he claims a friend has my Uncle's car.


R. C. Hawie


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Hello R.C.


Have you hear anything from this beemergb guy?


I have still try to find someone from here, who know this car whole story, but those who have known it are not here anymore. I really hope that i could find someone alive who still know story of this car from day one to present in here.


Have been contact many persons here in few last weeks, but still nothing new has come up.

Guy who rebuilt this car here is kind of hard to contact, but some day i will reach him, that's for sure. I have been contact with him, but he maybe haven't time for this because he hasn't contact me again as he promised after he look those number detail from the car.


Hope someday soon it will happen....



Jukka Hatinen



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Is here anyone who know who is that guy in Ohio who bought George Howie's Chrysler in 1936 or so? It seem to be like find nail from hay , but allways worth of asking still.


Or anyone know anything about Europe SPA race in 1933-36 or so and was there any of Chrysler Imperial car on those day's in SPA races?  I have no idea where to find any information about brewar SPA race, so if you know where to ask, i'll be happy to hear it.





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hi guys , sorry im . arriving late to this post. i am about to buy martin swigs old  1932 Chrysler Rigante   Indy . Do you know the background / history of this car. Ron Lee the current owner has some history from martin but not much and ive been reading your threads with much interest .Many thanks paul. 



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